Integrated Analytics

Driver can check the ride stats and payment stats in a Graphical representation

Multi-location Access

You can make booking for someone else at some other location using the app

Transaction History

Both Rider and Driver can check the transaction history of their rides from their app

Caller Identification

Driver can see the user details and location before accepting the request

Capture Signature Online

Driver can capture the signature and send it to admin for verification process

Pay by Credit Card

User can pay the amount using his credit card attached with the account instantly

BEXTI Driver App Features

  • Create/Edit Profile

    User can easily setup and update details on their profile using edit profile feature available on the app.

  • Fare Estimator & Calculator

    The fare estimation can be checked easily by simply entering the from and to address on the estimation section

  • Switch Online/Offline

    The Driver can Go online/offline instantly with a single button click. He need to Go Online to accept rides.

  • Accept/Reject Ride Request

    The Driver can Accept the User request or he can also reject the request simply by checking the callers location

Instant Alert

Alert is a an important factor; For eg. Once Driver has arrived an instant alert will be sent to Rider.

Auto Estimate Vehicle Arrival Time

Once a ride request is accepted, an estimated arrival time will be sent to the rider instantly

Ride History Details

Drivers can check the history of rides by navigating to the ride history tab to check complete details

Ride Favorites

The user can favorite some rides so that they can save their time by choosing it when they ride again

Search for Vehicles using GPS

Bexti App uses GPS to search nearby Vehicles, so that the ride will be booked with nearby drivers

Generate New Bills easily

After the rides payment summary will be generated instantly on riders app along with all details

Complaint Management System

If a User gives a complaint on a driver, the admin will be notified regarding the complaint instantly

Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are nothing but sending promo offers to users via push notifications

Individual Login for Drivers

Drivers will have separate login details so that their ride details can be checked individually